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The Impossible List

This is a bucket list of some sort. They’re the impossible things I can make possible if I put some effort/time/money into it.


Walk in to a bookstore and take a selfie with my book on the shelf

Personal & Skills

  • Drive a car
    • Learn how to drive
    • Get a driver’s licence
  • Play guitar
    • Learn chord progressions
    • Play the song Thinking Out Loud on guitar
  • Sell merchandise on comifuro Completed 08/18
  • Launch a personal artist brand
  • Launch a personal website Completed 02/22


  • Get on an airplane for the first time
  • Visit Japan
    • Snap a Japanese sunset pic
    • Visit Akihabara
  • Travel around Indonesia
    • Visit Bali
    • Visit Raja Ampat
    • Snap a sunset pic in Monas
  • Visit UK
    • Visit London
    • Snap a sunset pic on the London’s Eye
    • Snap a pic in front of the Sherlock Holmes Museum
  • Visit France
    • Snap a sunset pic on the Eiffel Tower


  • Submit a short story to a local magazine/newspaper
  • Complete writing a series of novels
  • Create a small-sized otome game
    • Get involved in the process of making a visual novel
    • Write a choose-your-own-adventure story without the visuals
    • Learn how to use visual novel engines
    • Launch my first visual novel

Software Engineering

  • Contribute to an open-source project development for the writing community
  • Launch a personal library/bookshelf open-source app
  • Land my first paid internship job Completed 05/21
    • Land my first paid part-time job Completed 09/21
    • Land my first paid full-time job